things i love: my dog, louis. arcade fire. regina spektor. pj harvey. joan holloway and christina hendricks. music of all kinds. tegan and sara. silent hill everything. brenda chenowith. my guitars. grand theft auto. kaki king. fucking deadwood, cocksuckers. feist feist feist. sarah paulson. ocarina of time. american horror story. sonic youth. music music music music music music. the paranormal. six feet under. patti smith. stephen king. julia davis. ron swanson. new strings. tattoos. dinosaurs. gta: san andreas. feist. tom & jerry. did i mention music? mad men. augusten burroughs. green eyes. chocolate covered raisins. dinosaur jr. bette davis. tarantino. girls. movies people pretentiously say they understand but don't; general consensus including me. woody allen. mel brooks. madeline kahn. noh cherro. left 4 dead 2. twin peaks. orange is the new black. a girl. and anarchy.

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